Part 4. Internal Themes of Loneliness and Brain Injury

In this blog series, we have delved into the epidemic of loneliness, specifically examining its unique impact on individuals who have endured a brain injury or stroke. Of particular significance is our exploration of the study conducted by Lowe et al. (2021), which focuses on the INTERNAL experience of loneliness and identifies five themes [...]

Part 3: Internal Themes of Loneliness After Brain Injury

In this blog series, we've been looking at how people with acquired brain injuries often feel lonely and lose social connections for a long time. This leads to ongoing experiences of feeling alone and socially isolated. We've been discussing a study by Lowe et al. (2021), where 11 survivors of brain injuries were interviewed [...]

Part 2: Lonely In My Head

Let us review what we know about loneliness and brain injury. Loneliness is often described as a silent epidemic affecting individuals in modern society, with a unique impact on those who have experienced adversity such as traumatic brain injury. According to the International Brain Injury Association (IBIA), brain injury stands as a leading global [...]

Part 1: Unlocking the Layers of Loneliness in Individuals with Brain Injury

Navigating the intricate tapestry of life after a brain injury, loneliness emerges as a silent companion, intricately weaving its threads through the internal landscape of those on the journey to recovery. As a therapist at Colorado Brain Injury Therapy, I'm eager to embark on a three-part exploration that sheds light on the profound impact [...]